Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christians in Karachi under fire

Pray for our Christian
family in Pakistan.
ASSIST News Service (ANS) is reporting local Pakistani Christians and the family of a Christian youth are receiving death threats, following the elopement and marriage of a young Christian man who converted to Islam and his young Muslim bride.

Recently in Baldia Town (located in the western part of Karachi) and Saeedabad (also in Karachi), the homes of local Christians were attacked, women were abused and household items vandalized by Muslim fanatics under the guise of “searching for a Christian youth.”

Sources say they attacked because a 20-year-old Christian man recanted his Christianity and converted to Islam to elope with an 18-year-old Muslim girl in Baldia on November 20.

Elvis Steven, a Christian lawyer and minority rights advocate, said that, although the Christian youth had contracted a court marriage and had become a Muslim, the people of the Hazara tribe “harboured a grudge against the local Christian family in particular and against all Christians of Baldia town generally.”

The father of the converted young man said that instead of protecting the Christians from Muslim fanatics, Saeedabad Police Officers launched a case against the young man and his family for allegedly abducting the young woman.

Steven said local police are “reluctant to provide security to Christians.” He also said that the Saeedabad Police and Rangers Police came forward to take security measures against Muslim radical groups only after police informers told them that radical Islamist militants were planning a massive armed attack against local Christians.

Many Christians in the area have fled from their homes to save their lives.

You can read the full report here.

Please pray for strength and courage for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Pray that God will make a way for them where there seems to be no way. Pray the young Pakistani man will be drawn back to Christ and that his young bride will have her heart drawn to Christ also.

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