Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vietnamese evangelists given prison sentences for "undermining national unity"

Pray that Vietnamese believers will
stand firm in their faith regardless
of the trials that come their way.
If your spouse was imprisoned, and authorities offered you food and shelter for your family if you recanted your faith, would you stand firm?

Last week, Compass Direct News reported that two Vietnamese evangelists—Ksor Y Du, 47, and Kpa Y Co, 30—were given prison sentences for "undermining national unity." During visits to her husband, Y Du's wife has been pressured to recant by receiving offers of rice and a new house. She’s even been told that her husband will be released if she denied Christ, but she remains steadfast. Praise God for her faith!

On November 15, a court sentenced Y Du to six years in prison followed by four years of house arrest. Y Co was sentenced to four years in prison and two under house arrest. The men—members of the Vietnam Good News Mission (VGNM), a fast-growing group of house churches—were arrested on January 27, 2010.

Throughout their time in jail, the men have been repeatedly interrogated and ordered to accuse VGNM leaders of starting the organization illegally and their pastor of opening an illegal Bible school. Both have refused to comply.

During the trial, judges asked Y Du questions such as "Do you still insist on following the religion?" and "After serving in prison already, do you still insist on staying with the Vietnam Good News Mission?" Y Du answered that he would not give up his faith in God, even if it meant death.

Thank the Lord for equipping these believers to stand courageous in their faith amid great opposition. Pray that Ksor Y Du and Kpa Y Co will continue to be empowered by God's grace and comforted by His love. Ask God to work in the hearts of the officials, moving them to repent of their injustice toward Christians and act with true integrity.

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