Sunday, January 30, 2011

Christianity in Iran increases despite persecution

Lisa Daftari with Frontpage Magazine wrote an article last week about how an increasing number of Iranians are turning to Christianity and other religions, even as they face intensified persecution, arrest and potential execution.

Why? Iranians are looking for a distraction from harsh governmental restrictions. They are opting to experiment with different ideologies and religions to find release.

Obviously, this trend is not sitting well with the regime. Daftari said, “For a government that has often claimed that it has tolerance for different religions, and that even has provisions in its Constitution protecting minority groups, the recent crackdowns on Iranian Christians demonstrate the inability of the Islamic Republic to make space for differing ideologies.

Since Christmas, more than 70 Iranian Christians have been detained. Tehran’s governor, Morteza Tamadon, confirmed more arrests would be made.

Though the Iranian constitution grants protection to religious minorities born into religions such as Christians, Zoroastrians and Jews, namely religions who have a sacred scripture, over the last year and a half, individuals in these minority communities have reported increased pressure and clashes with government officials and Revolutionary Guards as their influence continues to mount throughout the country.

Take a few minutes to read Daftari’s full story here, and continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Iran.

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