Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Survival, faith and courage in North Korea

In our February 2011 newsletter, we introduced you to Yang, a North Korean defector living in South Korea. Now you can watch a video about her!

Yang, a follower of Jesus, has known much pain and suffering in her life, both physically and emotionally. She says life in North Korea was unbearable and brutal, but she has overcome much and looks to the future with hope and faith.

Watch as Yang almost meets death, but finds Jesus Christ instead. You will truly be inspired! (Length 8:05)

For more videos like this one, visit Persecution.TV.


  1. Oh Lord, Sister had walked through a valley of death & tribulation yet sings that lovely song in the end. Willing to go back to get others and show them the way to Christ. Lord bless her & those she reaches for You.

  2. Thank you for the reminder of what's really important. Praying for our persecuted brothers and sisters.

  3. "When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all He has done for me..." takes on a whole new meaning after listening to this sister's testimony. Wow.

  4. I don't understand how she could sneak out of NK and back in several times without being spotted and caught? And then open a business in NK?
    What am I missing here? It isn't adding up to me.

  5. Re: John... The answer to your question is long, but hopefully, this information helps.

    Many people have misconceptions that the NK border is like a giant stone wall, with barbed wire on top for good measure.

    Truth is, there is significant commerce and travel back and forth between China and NK (and NK and Russia, for that matter). Any North Korean with the right travel paperwork can go to China to work (either for one of the companies NK runs in China or for another company, provided that the worker meets the required monthly payment to the NK government). The incentive for NK to grant these work and relative visas is that they need the hard currency.

    Also, 80 percent of the NK economy is underground or black market. There are literally hundreds of thousands of North Koreans doing black market businesses inside NK, some importing items from China and South Korea and other countries to sell. For these people (like Mrs. Yang), it’s their only hope of avoiding starvation. The new book, Witness to Transformation (available through, does a good job of describing the NK underground economy in detail.

    With regard to going back and forth illegally between NK and China, there are an estimated 350,000 North Koreans in China illegally. Many--perhaps up to 100,000—-go back and forth related to their businesses. They either bribe their way in and out or they sneak in and out depending on the location, time of year, weather conditions, person, etc. Many businesses in NE China rely on illegal NK labor for economic survival, and then occasionally China and NK will sweep through and round up defectors and repatriate them.

    So Mrs. Yang’s illegal crossings and business ownership are not at all unusual. In fact, that part of her story is quite common, as Witness to Transformation demonstrates.

  6. Re: VOM Canada

    Your comments leave me to ponder exactly who tells any truth when it comes to North Korea at all.
    I suddenly feel as if I have been unwittingly seduced by info I have read and seen about North Korea.

    I have been under the impression that everything NK citizens get is from the government. No one leaves the country unless granted by the government and all praise is to be given to the pres. Yet like most or all communists gov'ts food becomes scarce and those who work for the gov't get the best of all things. Couple that with newsreports of people having to eat grass to survive and risking their lives to cross the border you can understand why I asked my question. I liken it to the USSR only stricter from what I piece together in news reports.

    I also felt common ground when Yang mentioned she Felt as if God had let her down in regards to her friend dying on their journey . It caused me to reflect alot inside- I always struggle with the understand of when to recognize God working in my life vs My steps being done because of my own choice. DOes that make sense?

  7. John,

    Remember, NK is conducting business with another communist country: China. It is dangerous for NKs to be in China illegally (without a visa), as they are returned to NK by Chinese authorities when caught. Also, the underground/black market (as well as the illegal emigration from NK) has happened as a result of the tight restrictions of the NK regime, the famine and poorly managed and tightly controlled infrastructure that caused so many to starve to death. Yes, you are correct that praise is given to Kim Jong Il and his late father. It’s a personality cult. You can watch a visual confirmation of this personality cult by viewing the National Geographic documentary hosted by Lisa Ling called “Inside North Korea.” Your local library might carry it. It’s worth watching.

  8. I've watched many videos on North Korea, this is truly amazing.

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  9. GOD(Jesus)Bless you Sister Soldier..:D


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