Thursday, February 3, 2011

What if persecution came to the Church in Canada?

Take a minute to watch VOM's Greg Musselman answer the question, "What if persecution came to the Church in Canada?"

What do you think would happen?


  1. I tend to agree that the attendance at services in Canada (and let's not forget Europe & America) would be significantly smaller, at least in the short-term if persecution were to come. But would that a bad thing?

  2. It is possible that if/when persecution comes many people will fall away. If attendees of Bible-teaching churches stop coming, this could be a bad thing because they will no longer be challenged to examine themselves and their relationship with Christ and to give Him total lordship of their lives. In essence, the chance for individual discipleship and growth will stop. However, those that do stay will, hopefully, be refined in the midst of trials and their faith will be proven real. As a result, it is possible that they will be more effective witnesses for the Kingdom. This is a good thing.


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