Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thoughts on the meaning of pain

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand
Written by Reese Maguire

I was reading through a July 2006 issue of The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter, when I came across “Little Notes from Pastor Wurmbrand” and his thoughts on pain. I thought you might enjoy hearing them, too.

Pain has meaning

I have known no believer who at some time or other didn’t struggle with his faith because of pain. Why should a good God have ordained pain? “Pain is a more terrible lord of mankind that even death itself,” wrote Albert Schweitzer.

However, we are told that the main function of pain is to signal the body of any harm to its tissues. We need such signals, admittedly, but could we not do with something less traumatic?

Experience has shown that what is not painful does not work. We do harm to our bodies with our smoking, excessive drinking, poor eating habits and promiscuity. Our soft choices may lead us to cancer and heart disease, but because we feel no pain before it is too late, we continue these suicidal practices. Pain is a sign of the intense desire of God to do us good.

Muslims attribute pain to fate, kismet; Hindus to karma; other Middle Easterners to the evil eye. Pain has meaning.

If God permits suffering, we can be sure it is more painful for Him who permits it than for us who bear it. If we had His wisdom and sought our salvation as passionately as He seeks it for us, we would choose to embrace or walk through the very sufferings that afflict us. Therefore, believers bear with understanding the suffering imposed upon them.

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