Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pastor arrested in Inner Mongolia

VOM contacts in China report that one of their dear friends, a pastor, was arrested in Inner Mongolia on April 12.

The pastor, Jesse, was arrested along with four other leaders. His "offense" is that 1,000 university students attend his church. About 100 of the university students are also Bible school students who are taught by a VOM worker.

Police have detained Pastor Jesse five times over the last year, and they had warned him and let him know they were watching him. Pastor Jesse and the four others are being held in a detention center where prisoners are usually held for at least 30 days. It’s not known whether he will be formally sentenced.

A friend wrote, "We sent some clothes [to Jesse] but were not able to meet and talk to him. Please pray. The situation here is so bad."

Ask the Lord to encourage Pastor Jesse, and pray for his release. Pray that his church members will not falter in their faith but will grow stronger.

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