Thursday, April 14, 2011

Police injure Christian leader in Shaanxi with electric baton; block door of another in Henan with bricks

Pastor Wang Zhanhu was hit by a police baton
and went into a coma. (Photograph provided by
Zhanhu's family and evidence collected by
reporter Qiao Long.)
Two house-church leaders in Huaxian, Shaanxi Province, and Fanxian, Henan Province, were harassed by police, reported ChinaAid Association and Radio Free Asia.

When Wang Zhanhu attempted to prevent police from disturbing an assembly, the police hit him with an electric baton. He went into a coma. He is currently under treatment at a hospital.

Police also blocked up the entrance to Senior Pastor Zhang Tielin’s home with bricks, so he and his family could not enter or exit their home. This is the second time the government blocked his door.

Take a moment to read through Zhanhu and Tielin’s response to their assaults here.

Please pray for these two brothers and their families as well as other believers in China who are standing up for Jesus and religious freedom.

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