Friday, April 8, 2011

Searching for peace

Below is a story VOM contacts shared about a grandmother in Iran (courtesy of our sister-mission VOM USA). It's an amazing story of God meeting a devoted Muslim woman in her darkest hour.

Searching for peace

Zahra’s life was bleak. Her grandson had a terminal illness, and the secret police had killed her two daughters on the same night. Zahra’s daughters were university students, one 20 and the other 23. To cover up the crime, the secret police forced Zahra to claim it was an accident.

All she wanted was to be with her children. She spent all her time thinking about her daughters, crying, smelling their clothing and kissing their pictures. She had lost her desire for life.

“The loss of my daughters was more than I could bear,” Zahra said. “I tried to put an end to my life four times.”

Zahra was taken to the hospital, clinically depressed, hopeless and miserable. “In my search for peace of mind, I tried every possible means but could not find comfort or a way of escape.”

Then one night she was invited to a church service. She had never been to a church, but since she had tried everything else, she decided to give Christianity a try. She didn’t know anyone there, but God met her there. At the end of the sermon, the pastor had a message for someone in the meeting.

He said, “There is a woman here whose grandson is terminally ill. The Lord says, ‘I healed him.’”

Zahra was shocked. Was the message for her?

She went home and called her son in Tehran to ask about her grandson. She learned that he was feeling better. Later, doctors who examined him said there wasn’t a trace of sickness in his body. “We don’t know how this happened,” they said.

A devoted Muslim, Zahra could not understand what had happened. “If Muhammad is the final prophet,” she thought, “why should Jesus heal my grandson?”

A few nights later, Jesus came to her in a dream and told her, “Zahra, I healed your grandson. You are healed as well.”

When Zahra woke up, she was a different person. Her sadness was gone and she had an inexplicable peace.

“I committed my life to Jesus,” she said. “Since then, I am following my Lord. He saved me from all my troubles and sins. He has given me purpose and hope. I am a witness for all he has done for me.”

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