Thursday, May 5, 2011

Escalation expected in Shouwang Church suppression

Members of a Chinese house church
gather to worship.
Our partner mission, ChinaAid Association, is issuing an urgent call for prayer after learning that China’s top leaders have decided to take new measures in the coming days against one of Beijing’s largest house churches—measures that are entirely different from tactics thus far implemented against Shouwang Church and which could completely change the nature of its clash with the authorities.

ChinaAid asks all Christians worldwide to pray.

The developments of the past four consecutive weeks have clearly shown that there are no signs of the Beijing regime tolerating or imminently tolerating Shouwang Church’s holding the bottom line of religious practices and acting for purely religious reasons.

ChinaAid strongly urges all churches and Christians worldwide to join the ranks of those who are praying for and supporting Shouwang Church and its brothers and sisters. Even as Shouwang Church is scattered, the church in China will be like a lamp burning ever bright in the darkness, bringing boundless hope to the Chinese people.

Please join us in praying for Shouwang Church members and Chinese believers across the nation of China.

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