Monday, May 30, 2011

Evicted Christians to return to Chiapas community

Pray for believers in Chiapas, Mexico,
as they attempt to integrate back into
community life.
Thirty-two Christians in Chiapas, Mexico, say they are ready to return to the community where their neighbours torched their homes and stole their livestock, reported VOM sources.

The group fled the area in January 2010 after being forcibly evicted by a mob of 200. The Christians had been worshiping in a believer's home for almost a year because the same mob had destroyed their church. Members of the community were unhappy that the Christians would not contribute to or participate in religious drinking festivals held in their town.

The Christians filed a court case requesting compensation for their burned homes, but they have seen no progress since the government loaned them the use of a large home in another city. The 32 believers have decided they will return to their community on June 15, with or without government help.

“It is time to go home,” they say, “and win the others to Christ, whatever the cost.”

Pray for these Christians and others who have been run out of their communities because of their Christian faith.

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