Thursday, May 19, 2011

Government media goal to discredit Christians in Iran

Christian numbers are increasing in
Iran despite opposition!
Is Iran a true supporter of freedom of speech and belief?

In recent months, high-ranking religious leaders and experts have launched harsh and confrontational campaigns against Christianity and other non-Islamic beliefs inside Iran, reported Mohabat News. Government media outlets such as newspapers, websites and news agencies have been reflecting these attacks.

Reports from inside Iran indicate that more than ever before people, especially the younger generation, are turning to Christianity as the faith of choice. This is happening despite extensive sums allocated and spent on creating and managing the government propaganda machine that pumps out Islamic ideology.

Government-friendly media have made concerted efforts to publish articles and news items that could be perceived as destructive to Christianity. The goal is to discredit Christianity and further antagonize security and judicial authorities to take harsher measures against evangelical Christians in Iran. Mohabat News says this is evidenced by the increased repressive and confrontational measures that have resulted in home invasions and arrests of dozens of Christians across Iran.

Contrary to its claims and propaganda, the Iranian government has proven that it bears no flexibility toward other beliefs and faiths unless they are aligned with the government’s agenda and ideology. Any and all anti-Islamic views are crushed in the harshest manner possible.

Despite this, the number of Iranian Christians is increasing. Praise the Lord!

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Iran today. Pray for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength. Pray they keep their eyes focused on Jesus and not on their circumstances. Pray, also, for Iranian leaders, that their eyes may be truly opened to the light and love and truth of Jesus Christ.

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