Thursday, June 2, 2011

Christmas Blessing 2010 continues to bless North Koreans

VOM's Christmas Blessing packages
provide NK believers with
daily necessities they may not
get elsewhere.
With the donations to VOM's 2010 Christmas Blessing project, packages that contain food, toiletries and other necessities continue to be delivered in 2011 to North Koreans in need.

A recent update from the field reported that the recipients of these necessities were happy to receive the packages. The project continues to be a powerful way to demonstrate Christ's love and care for God's people in North Korea, a country that has consistently topped the world's human rights watch lists as being the most repressive and closed nation on earth.

Horrifying reports of inhumane actions in the country, particularly towards Christians, highlight the continued need to uphold the North Korean Church in prayer. Even the North Korean citizens who manage to escape face extreme danger and risk. Many are frequently forced to return to face interrogation, torture and imprisonment.

What You Can Do
  • Pray!
    • Thank the Lord for the faithful witness of His followers in North Korea. Pray for wisdom and guidance for those involved in undertaking this special project, protecting both those giving and receiving the packages. Pray North Koreans will look to the Father for everlasting hope in times of trial. Pray God will reveal Himself to Kim Jong Il and graciously transform his heart and the hearts of his subordinates so that they will embrace Christ.
  • Prayerfully consider giving to VOM’s Christmas Blessing Fund. Call our office (1-888-298-6423) for more information.

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