Friday, June 10, 2011

Pakistani police reluctant to prosecute attack on church

Armed Muslims disrupted the worship service at Numseoul Presbyterian Church in Lakhoki Kahna village, on May 29, cursing the congregation, smashing a glass altar and desecrating Bibles and a cross. Instead of making arrests, police initially pressured Christians to accept an apology from the accused, reported Compass Direct News.

Pastor Ashraf Masih told Compass Direct that Muhammad Shoaib, the nephew of a former Member of the Punjab Assembly (MPA), entered the church building accompanied by four men armed with rifles and pistols.

The men cursed the congregation for "disturbing the peace of the area by worshipping on loudspeakers," though the loudspeakers were used only inside the building.

Police were reluctant to register the incident until the pastor told police that his colleagues had witnessed the damage, journalists had photographed the site, and his congregation would block the main road in protest. Police officials agreed to make Shoaib publicly apologize.

You can help by praying!
  • Pray for Pastor Ashraf and the members of the congregation. May they conduct themselves in such a way that they will be witnesses for the gospel.
  • Pray for justice for Pakistani Christians. May God grow and strengthen His church in Pakistan.

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