Friday, June 24, 2011

Two Christians killed in Sudan

Pray for Sudanese believers today!
Military agents killed one Christian and Islamic government sympathizers killed another after attacks on churches in Sudan’s South Kordofan state, reports Compass Direct News. Two others were tortured.

One June 8, Muslim militia loyal to the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) attacked and looted at least three church buildings in the town of Kadugli. Nimeri Philip Kalo, a student at St. Paul Major Seminary, was fleeing the town when he was detained near the gate of the United Nations Mission in Sudan.

The SAF agents accused Kalo of being a Christian and therefore opposed to Islamic government. They shot and killed him.

The same day, Islamic militants slaughtered Adeeb Gismalla Aksam, the son of an elder with the Evangelical Church in Kadugli. Adeeb was a Christian who worked as a bus driver. 

Muslim extremists also peppered a Roman Catholic Church with bullets during a mass in which congregants were asking God to protect them.

No one was hurt by the bullets, but SAF agents arrested Rev. Abraham James Lual. The agents accused Rev. Abraham of telling people to oppose the Islamic government. They took him to an unknown location and tortured him. He was released two days later.

Another Christian told Compass that he was arrested at gunpoint by SAF agents. He said he was accused of being anti-Islam, taken to a military jail and beaten. They took him back to his house and tortured him with sticks, guns and knives saying, “We will kill you.”

Christians in the area said they are traumatized by the atrocities being committed against their brothers and sisters by the government and government sympathizers. One source pleads with the global Christian community, “The situation is critical—we need other Christians to fast and pray for us.”

You can help by praying!
  • Pray the victims of Islamic persecution will “bless those who persecute [them]” (Romans 12:14).
  • Pray persecuted Christians in Sudan will seek refuge in God’s comforting arms.
  • Pray plans to uproot, wipe out or convert Christian populations in Sudan will not succeed.

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