Thursday, July 28, 2011

Canadian kids raise funds for Bibles in China

Kids from Wetaskiwin, Alberta, raised money
to print and deliver Bibles in China.
In early July, Calvary Baptist Church in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, hosted a VBS program in its community. One of the organizers, Tammy Issler, suggested the kids gain experience in missions work by raising funds to print and deliver Bibles in China.

Tammy learned about the opportunity to provide Bibles to Chinese Christians in VOM's April newsletter and quarterly children’s magazine, where we reported that Bibles are still in great need in China, despite misleading reports that state otherwise (to subscribe to these free resources, click here).

Tammy’s kids in the VBS program were excited to get involved! They did chores around the home in exchange for money to go towards the donation. Her son, age 11, dried the dishes, vacuumed, cleaned the basement, straightened his room and mowed their large backyard. Meanwhile, Tammy’s daughter, age 8, cleaned the bathroom, folded and hung up laundry, and cleaned up her sister’s bedroom.

Approximately 37 children attended the program. They, too, responded enthusiastically to the challenge to raise funds for Bibles in China. During the one-week program, $590 was donated while another $360 was raised at the VBS’s closing evening event. The church’s Christian Education board matched the donated amount, meaning $1,900 was raised! This money will provide Christians in China the opportunity to read and study God’s Word.

Is your church hosting a VBS program this summer? Consider how you could encourage the kids in your church to sacrifice their time or allowance money to make a difference in the lives of their persecuted family around the world!

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