Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Imprisoned Lao pastor’s condition worsens

Two pastors in Laos have been
in jail for six months for holding
a “secret meeting.”
Two pastors remain in prison in Laos, reports Compass Direct News (CDN). Eleven Christians, including pastors Wanna and Yohan, both from unregistered churches, were arrested in Khammouan Province in January.

The Christians were arrested at gunpoint for holding a “secret meeting” after they celebrated Christmas without prior governmental approval. Nine of the prisoners, including two children, were released within days of their arrest.

The pastors, who have remained in jail since the incident, have been told they may walk free as soon as they sign documents renouncing their faith, advocacy group Human Rights Watch for Lao Religious Freedom said in a press statement on July 8.

Pastor Wanna’s family members recently visited him in jail. They said he has lost weight, has contracted an infection, and appears to be extremely weak. The families of both pastors, who rely on the financial support of the men, are appealing for advocacy.

You can read more about this case and the conditions in Laos in CDN’s full article here.

Pray for Christians in Laos!
  • Pray for Pastor Wanna’s health. Pray he will recover from his infection and that his health will improve during his time in jail.
  • Pray the Lord will provide for the needs of the families of both Pastor Wanna and Pastor Yohan.
  • Pray the pastors’ jailers will see their faith and be brought to a knowledge of their Saviour.

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