Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prisoner of Faith: Sun Minghua

Minghua has been imprisoned
for her faith since 2001.
In September 2001, Chinese believer Sun Minghua was arrested on suspicion of organizing and utilizing a cult organization to undermine law enforcement. At the time she was a council member in charge of finances for the South China Church (SCC).

Earlier that year, in April, the SCC was designated a "cult" by the ministry of Public Security. In the following months, the communist government tried to close SCC down by arresting more than 500 of its leaders.

However, these assaults did not stop church members from continuing in their "illegal missionary work." Even under the threat of arrest, the SCC continues expanding and increasing its membership. It is considered a relatively small house church in China, with approximately 100,000 members spread across 10 of China’s provinces.

A few months after her arrest, Sun was sentenced to life in prison. At a later high court hearing, this sentence was reduced to 12 years. She is scheduled to be released in 2014.

Please keep Sun in your prayers! Please also consider writing her a letter of encouragement, reminding her that her brothers and sisters in Christ have not forgotten her. 

When writing a letter, never mention the name of the source of your information or the name of any organization such as Voice of the Martyrs or Prisoner Alert. It is not dangerous for a prisoner to receive letters from individuals, but if an organization is mentioned they may be accused of links with “foreign organizations” and receive harsher sentences. Also, please do not state anything negative about their government.

For more information about writing letters to prisoners of faith, please visit our website at To compose a letter online using phrases in Sun’s language, check out Click on her profile and then click “Write an encouraging letter.”  

Please mail your letters to:
Sun Minghua
No. 5 Division, Section 2
Wuhan Female Prison
Wuhan City, Hubei Province 430032
People's Republic of China

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