Friday, July 15, 2011

Two missionaries in India arrested

Murli Ghulam, pictured here with his family,
spent a day in jail after being accused of
forcibly converting people to Christianity.
(Photo: Gospel for Asia)
Two missionaries in India supported by Gospel for Asia (GFA) were arrested on Saturday, July 2, according to a report from the organization.

Missionary Murli Ghulam was arrested for forcibly converting individuals to Christianity after he led a prayer meeting for 25 people. The police were led by an anti-Christian extremist group to the home of a local believer where the meeting was taking place. The service was broken up and Murli was arrested on the spot.

When questioned by police he explained that he was not forcing anyone to change faiths. He was released the next day.

Pastor Rahul Akkunj was arrested the same day as Murli and falsely charged with being a member of a well-known rebel group. The allegations against Pastor Rahul follow a prayer and fasting meeting he led at his church. Locals who heard about the service felt threatened by the church’s growth, saying that if it continued at its current rate their traditional religion may be eradicated.

Pastor Rahul’s district leader went to the jail where he was being held and attempted to post bail on his behalf. The local authorities refused, saying the charges against Rahul necessitate he remain in jail until a court hearing.

The full article can be found here.

Pray for believers in India!
  • Ask God to bless Pastor Rahul and his witness while in prison.
  • Pray with his friends and family that the Lord will speak into the heart of the judge.
  • Pray with Murli and believers in his village for the salvation of those who oppose Christianity.

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