Monday, August 29, 2011

Christian in Pakistan forced to marry kidnapper

AsiaNews reports that another young Christian woman has been abducted and forced to marry her kidnapper. A formal complaint was launched with police who did not immediately intervene because the kidnapper is a “respectable businessman.”

Mariam Gill was abducted on August 3 from her home in Kahota, 20 kilometres from Islamabad. The Muslim man who abducted her, Muhammad Junaid, forcibly converted her to Islam before marrying her two days later.

Sohail, Mariam’s brother, said she went to the market and didn’t return. Their family looked everywhere for her. People in the village told the family they saw Muhammad Junaid forcefully take her away. Mariam’s family went to police, who showed no interest in their complaint.

A police officer said that Muhammad is a respectable man and if Mariam married him, it was of her own free will.

Mariam was recently interrogated by local officials. She told them she was abducted and forced to convert. She has no intentions of turning away from Christianity. Officials allowed Mariam to return home and urged both parties to reach an agreement.

Muhammad has since threatened the family, stating there will be “terrible consequences” if Mariam is not returned to him.

You can read the entire article here.

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