Monday, August 1, 2011

Iranian Christian convert temporarily released

Masoud Delijani was arrested at a house church in March.
He has been released temporarily on bail. (Photo: Mohabat News)
An Iranian Christian convert who was arrested during a house church meeting has been released after 114 days in prison. Mohabat News reports that Masoud Delijani was temporarily released on bail on Saturday, July 9.

Masoud was arrested on March 18 in a raid by Intelligence Ministry security forces on a house church in Kermanshah. The believers were meeting in the private home since Iran’s theocratic government does not allow Farsi speaking Christians to have church buildings in which to meet.

It is likely that Masoud along with nine other believers were arrested for their faith in Christ and their participation in Christian gatherings. At the time of the arrest, the home was searched and items like Christian paintings, Bibles, and DVDs were confiscated.

Masoud is said to have spent most of his detention in solitary confinement. The arduous conditions of his imprisonment, including spiritual pressure, have weakened him physically. He has been temporarily released after posting a bail of $100,000 USD.

He awaits a court date at which he will answer to charges regarding his Christian faith.

To read the full report, click here.

Pray for Masoud Delijani!
  • Pray God will strengthen Masoud and heal his physical conditions.
  • Pray the charges brought against him will be dropped.
  • Pray those who have witnessed Masoud’s testimony will come to see his Saviour.

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