Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Muslims strip, beat, threaten Christian convert in India

A recently converted Christian woman
was stripped and beaten for her faith.
A Christian woman in West Bengal, India has been beaten and threatened by Muslims, reports Compass Direct News (CDN).

Selina Bibi converted to Christianity from Islam about four months ago. Muslim extremists told her she must return to Islam or leave her village of Motijil. They said if she refused, she would see her house burned to the ground.

At Selina’s baptism in late March, a large group of Muslim extremists came to disrupt the service. The local pastor, Bashir, asked the Muslims if he could at least finish the service.

In early April, two Muslim women and members of the extremist group called Selina to one of their homes. They forcibly stripped her naked and searched for “Christian marks” on her body, believing that Christians receive markings upon conversion. When they realized she had no such marks, they beat her.

The Muslim extremists have resolved to ostracize Selina and her two teenage sons. She has been denied access to the local well, and disallowed from buying goods from the store or selling produce.

Despite the threats and her scars, Selina recently started a weekly Bible study.

For the full report, click here.

Pray for Selina Bibi!
  • Pray Selina’s faith would be strengthened, even as she faces beatings and threats.
  • Pray her sons would see Christ through her example.
  • Pray the Muslims abusing Selina would also see Christ as their Saviour.

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