Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Church building in ruins; hostilities grow in Sudan

Please continue to pray for our
brothers and sisters in Sudan! 
More than seven months after Muslim extremists burned its church building, a Presbyterian Church of the Sudan (PCOS) congregation is still afraid to meet for worship, reports Compass Direct.

The Rev. Maubark Hamad said his church in Wad Madani has not been able to rebuild since the January 15 devastation due to the congregation's meagre resources. The congregation's building was burned after a series of threats against its members by Muslims extremists. When church leaders reported the case to police, they were surprised to find officers reluctant to investigate.

Christians in Sudan are living beneath a blanket of fear since South Sudan seceded on July 9 (for more information, click here). Just one month after the south voted for independence from the predominantly Islamic north, pressures on churches and Christians have increased, with Muslim groups threatening to destroy churches, kill Christians and purge the country of Christianity.

Please pray with us!
  • Pray the Lord will strengthen His Church in Sudan. May He protect believers from harm and grow the Church in faithfulness and in number. 
  • Ask Him to give them the grace to overcome their loss and their current fears. 
  • Pray they will have the desire to meet with one another for mutual encouragement and to act as witnesses for the gospel.
Please consider sharing the prayer needs of our brothers and sisters in Sudan with your friends and family members. Also, please feel free to add your prayers for this situation in the comments section below.

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