Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Imprisoned priest in Vietnam remains seriously ill

Please pray for Father Ly!

Father Nguyen Van Ly, 65, a Catholic priest sentenced to eight years in prison in 2007, remains seriously ill, reports Human Rights Watch.

In March 2010, Father Ly was released from prison on a temporary medical parole after suffering three strokes in prison. He was returned to jail on July 25, 2011, to serve the remainder of his sentence (for more information, click here).

Since 1977, Father Ly has spent a total of 15 years in prison for his work in advocating religious freedom, democracy and human rights in Vietnam.

“Father Ly was convicted solely for expressing peaceful political beliefs and he should never have been imprisoned in the first place,” Phil Robertson, the deputy Asia director for Human Rights Watch, said. “We are concerned that his return to prison when he is so ill is putting his life at grave risk.”

You can help by praying!

  • Pray that Father Ly will know the Lord’s care and provision in his life. 
  • Pray that the charges against Father Ly will be dropped. Pray for his healing. 
  • Pray that Father Ly’s testimony will embolden other Vietnamese Christians.
  • Pray that religious freedom and human rights will be respected in Vietnam.

Please remember Father Ly in your personal prayers as well as in prayers with your family, prayer group or congregation. You can also post your prayers in the comments section below. 


  1. Our mighty God, please help save Father Nguyen and Vietnamese from the hands of the persecutors.

  2. Pray that Father Nguyen will know the true Jesus of the bible who saves by grace and not by human good works. amen


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