Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Muslims kidnap Christian girl to “purify” her

A 14-year-old Christian girl in Pakistan has been abducted by Muslims, reports Pakistan Christian Post. Five Muslim men allegedly kidnapped her in Gujranwala City of Punjab Province to “purify” her by making her a Muslim and the mistress of one of the men.

Eye-witnesses say the Muslims, armed with deadly weapons, forced their way into the home of Rashid Masih in broad daylight and abducted his daughter, Mehek. They held a gun to Mehek’s head and forced her to climb into a car.

The same witnesses chased the men, but were threatened to stop under pain of death. Workers from the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance heard about the case and reported it to the police. ASSIST News reports that police reluctantly registered the case but have not taken any substantial investigative action.

The Pakistan Christian Post’s article can be found here. ASSIST News’ article can be found here.

Pray for Mehek!
  • Pray God will protect Mehek’s physical and emotional well-being.
  • Pray that her kidnappers will release her unharmed and come to a knowledge of Christ.
  • Pray for a strengthening of faith for Mehek and her family.
To learn more about persecution in Pakistan, please visit our Pakistan Country Report.

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