Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Authorities order church to close in Algeria

On October 17, Algerian authorities ordered the closure of a church in the country's second largest city because the church did not have a registration certificate, according to VOM-USA.

The 90-member House of Hope church in Oran runs several ministries in the Ain-Turck neighbourhood, including a Bible school, a media studio, a safe house, and a network of evangelists.

When church representatives visited the state office to inquire about necessary documentation, no one could tell them what was required for church registration. After further inquiries, the minister of the interior told church representatives that he did not know who ordered the church to close.

"It looks like an attempt from the authorities to test the church's reaction," said a VOM worker. "In Algeria, nothing is guaranteed, so we trust our Lord and move boldly."

At last report, House of Hope is continuing its services.

Please pray for favour from the authorities as well as wisdom and perseverance for the church's leaders!

For more information on the persecuted Church in Algeria, please visit our Algeria Country Report.

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