Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chinese Bible exhibition called 'propaganda' by house church leaders

A deceptive exhibit in the United States that displays Chinese Bibles is causing North Americans to believe there is religious freedom in China, say three former Chinese house church leaders.

According to VOM partner, ChinaAid, the Christian leaders – who were all imprisoned in China for their beliefs – voiced their disdain for the display while visiting the exhibition "Thy Word is Truth" on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary. The exhibition has already been viewed in Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

On November 1, a forum regarding the exhibition was held at Northwest Bible Church in Dallas. The participants – representatives of China's government-controlled church and two professors from Dallas Theological Seminary – strongly supported the notion that China respects religious freedom and that scriptures are readily available to all believers. However, this is simply not the case.

Despite the government-run Amity Press' reports that millions of Bibles have been published in China, about two-thirds of them are exported, leaving many Christians without a Bible (for more on the need for Bibles in China, click here).

Please pray along with ChinaAid's founder and president, Bob Fu: "We hope and pray to our Lord Jesus Christ that China's house churches can soon be legally recognized, that all our brothers and sisters who are in prison for the sake of their faith would be quickly released, and that the Bible in China could be freely printed and transported."

To learn more, watch this four-minute interview with the Chinese house church leaders. For more information on persecution in China, visit our China Country Report.

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