Monday, November 14, 2011

Evangelist murdered in Nigeria

Mark Ojunta was killed by extremists in Nigeria.
(Photo: Compass Direct News)
A 36-year-old Christian evangelist was shot and killed in violence-ridden Borno state, Nigeria, the day after his family members, along with other Christians, were evacuated from the region in the face of death threats by Boko Haram extremists, reports Compass Direct News.

Mark Ojunta was ministering in Nigeria's north-eastern state with Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) when he was murdered.  "Brother Mark took his family out on Friday (Aug. 26), but he went back to the field because he had a class with some believers on Saturday," said CAPRO international director Amos Aderonmu. "It was in the night that the sect came to where they were staying and knocked at the door, and he tried to escape but could not get away."

Mark is survived by his wife, Ema, and two children, 3-year-old Kambe and 9-month-old Akira, as well as his parents and sisters. The killing came less than three months after the June murders of a Church of Christ pastor and his church secretary in Maiduguri (for more information, click here).

Boko Haram leaders, who have claimed responsibility for these and other attacks and church bombings, have declared they want to establish an Islamic theocratic state in Nigeria. They reject democratic institutions, which they associate with Christianity. Many Christians have left the area, and some churches have shut down as many of their members have lost their lives.

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Please join us in praying.
  • Please pray that the Lord will place a hedge of protection around Christian leaders and teachers so they can reach more souls in northern Nigeria. 
  • Please pray that Ema, Kambe and Akira would find peace and strength amid their loss and lean on the Lord through their grief. 
  • Pray that God will receive glory as more Nigerians turn to Him despite efforts to deter the spread of the gospel.
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