Thursday, December 1, 2011

Be a blessing to your persecuted family in Iraq this Christmas

From the Tower of Babel, to the Jewish captivity, to modern-day wars with neighbouring countries, Iraq has experienced a turbulent history riddled with conflict.

The church in Iraq has not been spared from turmoil. Just this year, three churches were bombed (for more, click here), a Christian man was tortured and killed by militants (click here for more), and an elderly believer was stabbed to death (for details, click here).

Estimates claim that only half of Iraq's pre-2003 Christian community remains in the country. However, despite the risks, many have chosen to stay and witness.

This year, you can be a blessing to Christians in Iraq through our annual Christmas Blessing project. For $50, you can provide a Christmas Blessing package to a believer. Each package contains a Bible, a blanket, sugar, rice, tomato paste, powdered milk, and cooking oil. These items will help meet believers' materials and spiritual needs.

To be a blessing to Christians in Iraq this Christmas, please phone our office or donate securely online.

To learn more about the difficult reality for Iraqi Christians, click here.

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