Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I against my brother: a Somali story

A VOM partner that works with Somali Christians shared this video with our office this morning. The video explores one Muslim woman’s journey of faith, which challenged her ideas about what it means to be a Christian and led her to a decision that would cost her everything.

The persecution of Christians in Somalia is severe. At least 10 Christians, including four teachers, were killed for their faith in 2008 and several others kidnapped and raped. A 17-year-old Somali woman who converted to Christianity from Islam was shot to death in November 2010 in an apparent "honour killing.” Muslim militants murdered a 21-year-old Christian man in April 2011 after someone allegedly informed the Islamic militants of his conversion from Islam.

In spite of the intense persecution, there continue to be Somalis who are willing to sacrifice everything for their faith in Jesus Christ.

If you are short on time, watch the 1:25 minute trailer. The full movie is 15:21 minutes.

Share the trailer or full video with your friends or family members, and encourage them to pray for Somalia! For helpful devotionals and prayer points, visit Somali Story online and click “resources for churches.” To learn more about persecution in Somalia, visit VOM’s Somalia Country Report.


  1. I see Ethiopian woman. Not a Somali woman, please stop spreading the lies.

  2. Thank you for your comment. If you would like more information about this video, or to direct your concern directly to the producers, visit

  3. very nice video , the lord will call out his sheep from all over the world ,


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