Thursday, January 5, 2012

Muslims in Kenya beat Somali Christian until unconscious

There has been a string of attacks on
Somalis in Kenya who have converted
to Christianity.
Ibrahim, a 23-year-old Somali Christian, was on his way back to his home in an undisclosed town in Kenya on December 5 when he was beaten by a gang of young Muslim men, reports Compass Direct News. The attack came just six weeks after Ibrahim’s older brother was also beaten.

The assault comes because Ibrahim is an alleged apostate. His family, however, claims he has been raised as a Christian his entire life.

Ibrahim had bought food and was returning home when the gang ordered him to stop. Ibrahim refused and that’s when the beating began. He heard one of the assailants say, “This is one of the guys we have been looking for, and today we have found him – we did not succeed in killing your brother, but today we are going to kill you.”

Ibrahim says he was hit in the knee and the eye. He remembers being beaten and then waking up at home. He had been knocked unconscious. He found out area residents had assisted in stopping the beating. At last report, Ibrahim could not see well because of the eye injury and he was in pain all over his body.

In a related attack earlier in October, Hassan, Ibrahim’s older brother, was left naked and bleeding. He too had been running errands when six young Muslim men attacked him, striking him in the head and face with a metal bar. They wounded his hands with a knife and left him at the Presbyterian Church of East Africa.

Two of the attackers were arrested, but Ibrahim and Hassan’s mother says the assailants escaped custody.

Their escape has affected her decision to report the latest attack to police. “I feel it will be a waste of time, because those who attacked Hassan were released without being charged in court,” she said.

The Christian woman has already seen the death of her husband and is the sole supporter of her family of seven sons and two daughters.

You can read more about persecution in Kenya by reading Compass’ full report.

Pray for this family!
  • Pray that God will sustain this mother and her entire family.
  • Pray for physical healing for Ibrahim and Hassan, as well as spiritual strength.
  • Pray the men who continue to terrorize this family will be brought to justice and see the light of Christ in those they persecute.

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