Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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In our February newsletter, you will learn about how your brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering for their faith and how you can stand with them!

Articles include:

Delivering God’s goodness: Read how your gifts to VOM’s Christmas Blessing brought a glimpse of God’s goodness to Christians in war-torn Iraq.

Bound with them: Learn about the vision behind VOM’s new youth initiative called Thirteen Three, and plan to send youth you know to our April launch event in Calgary.

VOM around the world: We bring you an update on Indian Christian teen Manini Digal, reports of attacks against Christians in India and Vietnam, and news about the petitions in the Asia Bibi “Call for Mercy” campaign.

Back to our roots: VOM founder Pastor Richard Wurmbrand shares why it is important to learn from the martyrs.

Save the date!: Mark your calendars for upcoming VOM events, like our annual prayer conference.

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