Saturday, February 4, 2012

“We have hope, but we have no future”

Nader and Aram are two Christians who have been affected by escalating violence in Iraq. They lead a house church in Iraqi Kurdistan and are also involved in ministering to Kurdish refugees, especially among those in the camps. They are passionate about bringing the hope of Christ to those who are without hope.

Since 2003, Islamist groups have stepped up persecution of religious minorities in Iraq, causing mass emigration of the ancient Christian confession, whose presence in Iraq pre-dates the Arabs by centuries. Christians suffer from the anti-Western atmosphere in the country and are seen as collaborators with Westerners. As Western influence in the country dwindles with the pulling out of many of their forces, extremists take their chance to terrorize Christians and force them out of the country.

Discover Nader and Aram’s amazing story by watching this video today! (Length 4:35)

For other video reports about the persecuted Church, please visit our multimedia site.

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