Monday, April 9, 2012

Pastor discusses Christianity with Pakistani teacher

(Source: VOM-USA

An Arabic-language teacher at a government school in Pakistan has been meeting with a VOM-supported pastor to learn more about Christianity.

The encounters began after the teacher learned that one of his students was a Christian. "I've never met a Christian in my life," he told the young man. "How do you Christians pray?" The student invited him to speak with his pastor.

At first the discussions were difficult because the teacher didn't feel he could speak openly. But last month, the pastor visited the teacher's school and brought pencils and notebooks for the students. That day, the pastor and the teacher spoke for two hours, and the teacher requested a Bible so he could look up some of the verses the pastor cited.

The Pakistani teacher suggested they discuss the topic of whether Jesus is the Son of God the next time they meet.

The pastor asks for our prayers. "Please pray for me, when I have this meeting, that God will protect me and the Holy Spirit will guide me and save the soul of [this teacher], so he can accept Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour."


  1. Father,
    I pray that before the pastor meets with the teacher again that you would have already revealed to the teacher who Jesus is, so that the all pastor has to do is show him the scriptures to strengthen his faith. Thank you for this pastor's protection in this Muslim dominated country so that no evil will befall him. Give him wisdom in dealing with this teacher so that he would not fall into the trap of the enemy. In Jesus' mighty and precious name. Amen.

  2. Praying for a special annointing of your Holy Spirit to fill this pastor as he speaks truth into the life of this teacher! Thanking you God that your Word does not return to you void! Praying for the truth to fall on fertile soil! Thank you for this pastor's faithfulness and his readiness in a dangerous place to share about the joy that is in him! In Jesus precious name, Amen


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