Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Orphans remain faithful in Laos

Children in a village in Laos
A group of 11 orphans in Laos who were threatened with expulsion from school for attending church have shown remarkable faith, reports our sister mission, VOM-USA. The children have continued to attend church, slipping away one at a time to avoid being detained by school officials on their way to worship.

Last August, the headmaster of the government-sponsored school called the boys into his office and told them if they did not stop attending church they would be expelled. Initially only four of the boys dared to defy the headmaster, but after witnessing the faithfulness of the four, all the boys began attending church again.

The boys have not been confronted by school officials in several months, and those who care for the orphans believe that their steadfast faith has deterred officials from trying to prevent the boys from going to church.

Please pray!
  • Praise God for these orphans who indeed have the "faith of a child" (Mark 10:15). 
  • Please pray that their faithfulness will draw school administrators to Christ and make them open to receiving the gospel.
For more information on the trials Christians face in Laos, click here.

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  1. Katherine ButtonJune 24, 2012 at 6:53 AM

    Our children at Farmington, NY UMC are continuing their prayers for these children.


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