Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blasphemy conviction overturned in Pakistan

Munir and his sons celebrate the acquittal.
A court has acquitted a Christian couple in Pakistan sentenced to life in prison for blasphemy, reports Compass Direct News.

The couple's lawyer said the judge accepted the couple's appeal because prosecutors failed to prove allegations that 32-year-old Munir Masih and his wife Ruqqiya defiled the Qur'an or insulted Muhammad in December 2008.

The allegations came under sections of Pakistan's blasphemy laws which are often used to exact revenge on Christians over personal disputes. In this case, the Christian couple's children had fought with the family of Muhammad Yousaf, who then directed his driver to file the blasphemy charges.

A trial court exonerated them of blasphemy against Muhammad in 2010 due to a lack of credible evidence, but sentenced them to life imprisonment, which is 25 years in Pakistan, for allegedly defiling the Qur'an. Munir was released on bail in December 2010, while Ruqqiya, a mother of six, had been awaiting the decision in jail.

Please join us in prayer!
  • Praise God that Ruqqiya is now home with her family. 
  • Please pray that the unsuccessful prosecution of this false charge would deter others from making false accusations against other Pakistani Christians. 
  • Pray that this family will continue to serve Jesus Christ, despite the hostility they have faced.
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