Saturday, June 23, 2012

Continue to pray for believers in Yemen

It has been three years since the
Hentschel family was kidnapped. 
It has been three years since the kidnapping of nine foreigners in Saada, north-west Yemen, reports Middle East Concern. The bodies of three of the kidnapped women – Rita Stumpp (26), Anita Gruenwald (24) and Eom Young-sun (33) – were found shortly after the kidnapping. The three were nurses in training.

There continues to be no news of Johannes and Sabine (a German couple), Simon (their son, aged 3) or of Tony (a British man).

The abducted adults worked for an aid organization that places medical personnel in hospitals in developing countries. Local imams were reportedly concerned that some of the relief workers were involved in evangelism while providing medical aid. The German Foreign Ministry's task force also deduced that the Germans were known locally as missionaries. Johannes was threatened months before the kidnapping by angry Muslims who objected to his efforts to share Christ with Muslims. Missionary tracts were found in the belongings of the martyred German nurses.

Lydia and Anna (7 and 6, daughters of Johannes and Sabine), who were freed in May 2010, are with relatives in Germany and are reported to be in good health. Although they and their adoptive family continue to inevitably face challenges, they are grateful that many have been praying for them.

Christians in Yemen and others close to this situation thank us for our prayers and request our continued intercession. They ask us to pray that:
  • The missing four, if alive, will know the peace, presence and daily provision of Jesus and will be released unharmed shortly.
  • The families and colleagues of those missing and murdered will know the peace of Jesus amidst continuing uncertainty.
  • All expatriate Christians working in Yemen will know the Lord’s guiding and protecting.
  • The perpetrators will be convicted by the Spirit and drawn to the forgiveness, love and true life offered by Jesus.
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