Monday, July 16, 2012

Iranian leader warns against the spread of house churches

These Iranian believers gather
in homes to study God’s Word. 
The increasing spread of Christianity in Iran and the resulting growth of house churches has become a great concern for Iranian religious experts and clerics, reports Mohabat News.

During a meeting with the leader and managers of the Organization of Islamic Propaganda in the city of Qom, an Islamic cleric warned participants against "the enemy's efforts" to establish house churches. Cultural authorities, especially those at the Organization of Islamic Propaganda, were also called upon to be pioneers in promoting religious teachings.

Qom is considered the religious capital of Iran because the most prominent Shi'ite seminary is based in the city.

The Islamic cleric also called for the implementation of propagating programs for Iranian families, stating, "The presence of clerics among families is the best and most effective way to promote religious matters and Shariah laws."

Heydar Moslehi, the Iranian Intelligence Minister, also spoke in a meeting held in Feizieh Seminary in Qom. He outlined ways to deal with the growth of Christianity and house churches in Iran. He also announced a series of new plans against Christianity.

The increased threats, arrests and torture of a number Christians and Christian converts by security and judicial authorities, especially in religious cities, is convincing evidence that the Ayatollahs (Islamic clerics) direct the intelligence and security services of the regime in dealing with the growth of Christianity in Iran, Mohabat reports.

To read the full report, click here. For more on Iran’s persecuted Church, visit our Iran Country Report.

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