Saturday, August 11, 2012

Children of imprisoned believers suffering in Iran

Please pray for Nima, Helma, and their parents.
(Photo: Mohabat News)
Two children in Iran are suffering severe hardship as they are forced to fend for themselves and work to support their parents who have been imprisoned for their faith, reports Mohabat News.

Helma, 12, and Nima, 17, must earn money to survive and send half their income to help support their parents in prison.

Christian converts Fariba Nazemian and Homayoun Shokouhi, the parents of the children, were arrested in Shiraz in February for their faith. Nima was also arrested when his parents were seized by security authorities.

Nima and two other Christian converts were released on bail after more than a month in prison. However, Nima was not allowed to return to school upon his release because he had been in prison.

The children have been denied visitation with their mother recently, whose health is said to be suffering as she is forced to work long hours in the sewing shop in the prison.

The parents, along with three other Christian converts – Mojtaba Hosseini, Mohammad-Reza Partoei (Koroush) and Vahid Hakkani – have not yet been formally charged, but some judicial authorities have said they will be charged with attending house church meetings, evangelizing, propagating against the Islamic regime, and disturbing national security.

Please pray.
  • Please pray that the Lord’s favour will be upon these children and that they will rely on their heavenly Father to see them through these trials.
  • Pray that God will strengthen their mother.
  • Please pray that all five imprisoned believers will soon be released.
  • Pray that God will strengthen young believers to follow in the example that has been passed down to them by their parents and other Christian leaders (1 Corinthians 4:9-14, 16).
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