Monday, August 20, 2012

Pray for Yemen

Yemen has had a turbulent history of wars and conquests.

It is estimated that there are several thousand Christians throughout the country. Most of them are expatriates (Westerners, South and East Asians, Arabs) or refugees (mainly Ethiopian).

There are a few converts from Islam. In Aden, there are a few churches, but in the north of the country no church buildings are allowed.

The Yemeni Constitution declares that Islam is the state religion and that Shariah is the source of all legislation. As long as expatriates do not evangelize, the Yemeni government doesn’t intervene when they live out their faith, but Yemeni citizens are not allowed to convert to Christianity (or other religions).

Converts from an Islamic background may face the death penalty if their new faith is discovered. Converts from Islam also encounter opposition from extremist groups, who threaten “apostates” with death if they do not revert to Islam. Proselytizing of Muslims is prohibited.

Please pray for Yemen.
  • Pray for greater freedom for believers to encourage others to follow Christ and to be agents of cultural transformation.
  • Pray for the transformation of believers’ families, for it is from them that the worst persecution often comes.
  • Pray that expatriate believers may maintain their spiritual growth amid discouragement, sickness, isolation and constant threats to their presence in the land.
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