Saturday, September 15, 2012

Update: Evangelists released in Aceh, Indonesia

Two evangelists accused of forcing a woman to be baptized near Banda Aceh, Indonesia, were released for lack of evidence, reports VOM-USA. Roy and Ribur were released on July 30 after spending two months in police holding cells.

The two had invited a Muslim woman to attend their Bible study group and were meeting with her to explain their faith. When the woman realized they were Christians, she left the home and reported them to her village head. A group of neighbours then beat Roy and Ribur and dragged them to police.

The village head submitted their backpacks – which contained a list of new believers, Christian books and a water bottle – as evidence of wrongdoing. He alleged the water bottle was used for conducting baptisms (for more information, click here).

After two months, a court dismissed the case against Roy and Ribur, and they were evacuated out of the city. Though the court dismissed the case, it left open the possibility for police to provide more evidence.

Please continue to lift these two men to the Lord in prayer. Thank Him for their release. Pray that they will continue to share the Good News with others in Indonesia.

You can learn more about Indonesia by visiting our Indonesia Country Report.

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