Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Christian hostages released in Yemen

For nearly a year, VOM has been following the story of six Christian hostages -- a family of five from Germany and a British engineer -- who were kidnapped along with three other women in June 2009 (click here for moreyemen information).

It is the kind of story that caused a lot of fervent prayer and concern right from the beginning. With little to no updates on the situation of these believers as months went on, it was often difficult to know how to continue to most effectively pray for them. And yet, many believers around the world persisted in prayerfully beseeching the Lord on behalf of Johannes and Sabine, their children Lydia (6), Anna (4), Simon (2), and their friend Tony.

Today, it was reported that Lydia and Anna have been released!

Needless to say, this news is a cause of rejoicing for many. It is remarkable to read that both of these young Christians are in “good health” and that there are plans to fly them home tomorrow. Praise God!

The need for prayer remains abundant, however, as young Simon is believed to have died. The status of Johannes and Sabine remains uncertain. And so we encourage you to continue to commit the situation into the hands of the Lord. Pray for guidance and comfort for Lydia and Anna. Pray that as they heal from the terrible ordeal they have endured, they will know the Lord's love in their lives. Pray for protection and health for their parents and for Tony. Pray for strength for the loved ones of these believers in these uncertain times—particularly amid the recent news regarding Simon.

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  1. It's great to hear that the two little girls have been released. Any word on where they're staying? We'll keep praying for the others.


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