Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Iran: An addict becomes a Christian, so do others

Zara was a drug addict living half a life in a very religious city. Zara met some Christians and desperate for anything to deal with her drug problem, she asked Christ into her life. The addiction demons went. And Zara could not stop talking. First some family members came to Christ, and then friends heard about her. Now there are at least ten who have come to faith because of her salvation, and they meet together. No law of man can stop the living Christ reaching into the lives of those oppressed by Satan. And no law of man can stop people like Zara talking about their Saviour.

The case of Ali Golchin, jailed solely because of his allegiance to the historic faith of the church, is one of many that tell us that the church suffers in Iran. The case of Zara is one of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, that tells us that Jesus Christ Himself is building his church, as usual among the poor and distressed.

Pray for:

  • Zara’s group to grow
  • Other addicts to come to faith
  • Ali Gochin to be released

(Source: Elam)

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