Saturday, November 20, 2010

Send a letter to Asia Bibi; Pakistani officials

Asia Bibi is reporting that Asia Bibi's attorneys filed an appeal this past week against the death sentence she received after being convicted of blasphemy in early November. Asia’s husband, Ashiq, asks believers to continue praying for his family.

"Please pray for my wife, asking God to release her soon," Ashiq said. "Please spread the news all over the world and appeal for prayer for me, my wife and our children. I am praying for those helping me and thankful to VOM."

The PrisonerAlert for Asia has been viewed more than 34,300 times, and more than 7,400 letters of encouragement have been sent to her.

VOM encourages you to send a letter of encouragement to Asia, too, letting her know you are praying for her. Also write to the Pakistani government and ask for her release.

For information about letter writing, check out the following links:

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  1. Dear sister in Christ.
    Our church is praying for you, we do not forget the great love of God in these difficult times, we love you and you are an example to our churches to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Avalos Family.


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