Thursday, November 11, 2010

UPDATE: Asia Bibi remains steadfast; appeals sentence

A VOM contact in Pakistan had the opportunity to meet with Asia Bibi in the court place on Monday, prior to her sentencing. Surrounded by police and prison guards, he spent 25 minutes speaking to her and praying for her. During their conversation, Asia said the following:

“It does finally not matter to me whether I am sentenced or whether the judge will set me free because I know that I am innocent and most of all I know that the Lord is with me. They persecuted Jesus also, and the Bible says that they will persecute us as well.”

What an amazing testimony! Especially in light of her death sentence, which Asia is appealing. Her attorney is planning to submit an appeal and will wait to hear about a court date. VOM sources say that the court is currently reviewing cases from 2005.

Asia Bibi's husband and daughters.
While in Pakistan, the VOM contact was also able to meet Asia’s husband, Ashiq, and her daughters, Isham and Isha.

Please continue to pray for strength and peace for Asia and her family. Also, consider using the information below to contact the High Commissioner for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and share your concerns about the unjust treatment of Pakistani Christians.

His Excellency Akbar Zeb
High Commissioner for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
10 Range Road
Ottawa, ON K1N 8J3
Tel: (613) 238-7881
Fax: (613) 238-7296

Wondering what or how you should write to a government official? Here is some advice:
  • Write a short, clear message.
  • Be polite. Remember you are representing Jesus Christ.
  • State your general concern for persecuted believers and Asia’s case in particular.
  • Do NOT write about politics or the government.
Here is a sample letter:

Your Excellency,

This week Asia Bibi was sentenced to death for blasphemy. The story of her case is circulating around the world, and thousands of Christians in Canada know about it. I ask that her sentence be reversed and that she be released from all charges and allowed to return home to her family. I am praying for you as you lead your country.


Your Name

For more information about writing to government officials, download a PDF of VOM’s letter-writing guide and prisoner list.


  1. I will pray for her and I know the Lord is with her as well.

  2. I know that Jesus Crist is faithful testimony and He is with her. God gives hope and bravery for your family.


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