Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chinese government planning increased regulations on Christian worship in 2011

Pray for believers in China today!
The Chinese government is reportedly planning to tighten regulations on Christian worship this year, according to a report in an English-language newspaper in China.

China’s State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA) has announced that it will “guide Protestants worshiping at unregistered churches into worshiping at government-sanctioned ones.” A VOM source in China confirmed that during a detention in 2010, police told him they would stop being “nice” in 2011.

The report also stated, “SARA will strengthen regulation of foreign nationals’ group religious activities in China and resist foreign infiltration under the pretext of religion.” This new policy could mean increased persecution of Christians in China, especially those who worship in unregistered churches. Christians faced similar pressure from the government before the 2008 Olympics, when several Christians were detained, forced from their homes and put under house arrest.

Pray Chinese Christians will continue to look to their God, knowing that He will give them courage and resolution in trial and opposition. Pray a new wave of intense pressure will not deter followers of Christ in China from proclaiming God's Word. Pray believers unjustly imprisoned will persevere in faith.

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