Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Conflict threatens peace in South Sudan

Pray for Christians
in Sudan today!
Conflict has increased within South Sudan since the January 9 referendum.

In February, the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) clashed with forces of the southern opposition figure Gen. Akhor, leaving 200 dead. Some 50 were killed when the SPLA clashed also with the forces of Gabriel Tanginya who is backed by Northern Islamic Khartoum.

In the North-South border region of Abyei, 100 Misseriya Arab militiamen and other Khartoum-backed forces massacred police and civilians. On March 2, the same forces—1000-strong—attacked another Abyei village, causing 33 casualties.

This violence has triggered a massive displacement of 45,000 Southern Sudanese—mostly women and children—fleeing south. Both the North and the South are preparing for conflict.

Please pray for the long-suffering, war-ravaged, predominantly Christian masses of South Sudan.

Pray specifically that:
  • God will have mercy on the impoverished, long-suffering, war-ravaged masses of South Sudan, especially those who faithfully love, worship, walk with and trust in the Lord.
  • the Holy Spirit will encourage and embolden Christian leaders, pastors and evangelists to preach and demonstrate radical faith despite the circumstances. May this radical faith witness effectively to multitudes.
  • God will grasp Sudan's leaders by their right hands and, for the sake of the Church, call them by name to do God's bidding, that all the peoples might know that God is the LORD (Isaiah 45:1-7).
This Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin was written for the Australian Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission (AEA RLC) by Elizabeth Kendal, an international religious liberty analyst and advocate, and a member of the AEA RLC team.

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