Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pastors attacked in India

Pray for believers to withstand
attacks by RSS members in India.
Pastor N V Eliyas, 45, and Pastor Milton George, 46, of New India Church of God, were returning home along with families, from a house dedication prayer service on March 31, when they were attacked by RSS activists, said the Global Council of Indian Christians.

Pastor Eliyas and his wife, Rachel, were returning on their motor bike and Pastor George was following them in his car along with his wife, Shiney.

They were stopped by about 50 RSS activists at Kara Beach Road and attacked. Sources say the activists also shouted slogans against them for “forceful conversions” while attacking the pastors. The car and the bike were very badly damaged by the activists.

Pastor Eliyas sustained injuries on his head and was rushed to the Kodungallur Government Hospital. The doctors advised the pastor to admit himself to Inrigalakuda Government Hospital for specialized treatment as they were not equipped for such serious injuries.

The police have arrested 35 Hindu activists belonging to the RSS. They have been charged by the police for their attack on the pastors and their family members.

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