Monday, May 2, 2011

Chinese authorities continue crackdown against the independent Beijing Shouwang house church

For the fourth Sunday in a row, Chinese police detained dozens of members of the Shouwang house church in Beijing, continuing a severe crackdown on one of the capital's largest house churches, according to confirmed reports obtained by ChinaAid Association.

By late yesterday morning, at least 31 members of Shouwang church were detained and taken to different police stations.

All of Shouwang church's leadership have been under informal house arrest since April 9 when the church was forced to have its first outdoor worship service. Many of the church's more than 1,000 members had been prevented from leaving their homes each Sunday starting April 10.

Last Sunday, more than half the church members were confined to their homes. 

Pray for strength and a continued assurance of God's presence for members of the Shouwang church. Pray those arrested will be released. Pray Chinese Christians will be equipped with everything they need, so that they may do work which is pleasing to the Lord Jesus.

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