Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Make parachutes for Colombia!

One of our VOM partners flies a plane over the deep jungles of Colombia and simultaneously drops parachutes out his window.

Attached to a heavy-duty plastic bag, these parachutes float to the ground, delivering a Bible, other Christian literature and, sometimes, a shortwave radio pre-tuned to Christian stations, into the hands of villagers and FARC guerrillas alike. While outsiders cannot easily make it in, the saving message of Jesus Christ is permeating Colombia’s darkness.

Now you can join VOM in providing parachutes to our partner and his team by ordering ready-to-assemble Colombia Parachute Packs. Each Parachute Pack includes everything you need (cloth, ribbon, glue, plastic bag and instructions) to assemble 10 parachutes.

All you need is a pair of scissors and a willing heart!

Once the parachutes are assembled, simply return them to the VOM office along with $5 per parachute to cover the cost of deploying them in Colombia.

Each Colombia Parachute Pack is $10 and includes a DVD of VOM’s Underground Reality: Colombia, Episode 3. We have a limited number of ready-to assemble packs, so please call our office today to order!


Can you sew?

If yes, then you can make the parachutes without using a kit by purchasing fabric, thread and nylon cord from a local fabric store. The nylon cord must be sturdy, yet thin, and flexible enough for a sewing machine to zigzag stitch onto the fabric. Muslin fabric works best.

Download the parachute pattern and sewing instructions here.

Send sewn parachutes to our office and include $5 per parachute for deployment costs.

Send to:
Parachutes for Colombia
The Voice of the Martyrs
PO Box 608
Streetsville ON  L5M 2C1
From the air, hope is coming to the people of Colombia looking for truth and purpose. Thanks for being a part!


  1. I see that this post is from 2011. My family just finished reading Lights in a Dark Place: True Stories of God at work in Colombia by Rebecca Davis and my children are very interested in participating by making parachutes. Is this program still ongoing today?

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding to your notation re: VOMC’s 2011 post. The ministry team member who typically oversees messages associated with former blog posts has been away on leave. We appreciate your interest in the ministry, and your family’s willingness to assist with the parachute project. In recent years, however, VOMC has been focussing more on other forms of evangelism in Colombia, such as partnering with radio broadcasts reaching communities in remote areas of the country, as well as our involvement in widespread Bible distribution.

      May the Lord provide you and your family other practical ways in which you can reach out to persecuted believers. For example, one family hosted a garage sale, contributing the proceeds toward a particular fund. Others have been participating in the “Christmas Blessing” project which provides practical items to suffering families in areas of the world where persecution is of great concern. To learn more, we invite you to check the “Take Action” tab on VOMC’s website. Thank you, once again, for expressing God’s heart of compassion through your thoughtful participation.


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